Press screenings for London Film Festival are underway, and as Animation Confabulation is sadly confined to Scotland for now, all we can do at the moment is get excited about the animations that are getting released there. The good news is that early word on French animation Ernest and Celestine is very strong, so we can get very excited indeed. It’s a story about a bear and a mouse who become friends, and is animated in what looks to be a gorgeous, hand drawn storybook style. I’ve collated some of the critical responses from twitter, and I’ve included a clip from the film below them. This has shot up straight to the top of my most anticipated list.

Imaginative and often very funny family entertainment. Gorgeous animation, charming characters. A delightful film.”@Phil_On_Film

Ernest & Celestine was every bit as charming and delightful as you would expect from an animated French film about a bear and a mouse” @FilmFan1971

Sumptuous picture book visuals and a good message, well articulated makes this a perfect kids movie. Wonderful.” @PaulMartinovic

Children’s tale about tolerance told with visual inventiveness and Pennac’s humourous style. A joy to watch.” @sav_