Whilst they may have stopped releasing confusingly similar films, the spirit of competition is very much alive and well between animation giants Disney and Dreamworks. As such, both have released posters and trailers for upcoming films within days of each other. Thankfully, though, the two films being plugged by the studios couldn’t be more different, one set in the world of video games, the other about a family of cavemen. The other bit of good news is that, on the strength of the trailers here, both Wreck-It Ralph and The Croods  look set to be hugely enjoyable.

First up in cinemas is Disney’s Wreck-It Ralph, about a video game villain who has an identity crisis and decides that he doesn’t want to be a bad guy any more. It’s a fun idea, and will be an absolute delight for keen gamers, who can spot references to all the different video game characters that are dotted throughout. This writer is a keen Mario Kart fan, but can’t spot more than Bowser and Clyde, the bad guy from Pacman, in the trailer. Aside from gaming, this looks set to be a good laugh and will probably be pretty heart warming, too. This is the latest of several trailers, and gives us the most insight yet into the world of being a video game character, but is largely a lot of old footage we’ve seen before. There’s also a clutch of new posters, each with a variety of different characters for your enjoyment. Starring John C. Reilly, Jack McBrayer, Sarah Silverman and Jane Lynch, UK audiences can catch Wreck-It Ralph in cinemas in February.

Up next on the Dreamworks slate (although not until we see Madagascar 3 and Legend of the Guardians) is The Croods, which, judging by the trailer, has hints of BraveHow to Train Your Dragon and Ice Age, but will hopefully carve out its own identity. There’s a rebellious, springy haired daughter who wants to see the outside world, even though her family of cavemen have never left their home cave. One day, however, they are all forced to leave, and to explore the outside world which is full of dangerous animals, stunning landscapes and odd looking fruit. This is clearly not going to be especially pre-historically accurate, but the signs are good; the lack of pop culture gags and the visual flair on display here promise great things, whilst having Dragons’ director Chris Sanders on board is very exciting indeed. There’s a poster that goes along with the trailer, and the music at the beginning is called Gathering Stories, from Jonsi’s soundtrack to We Bought A Zoo. This Nicholas Cage and Emma Stone starring animation will be on UK shores in March next year.