This week’s Weekend Short is released a little bit late, but this short is too good to miss. Thanks to @elab49 for the recommendation, and don’t forget to let me know if you find anything that would interest me. I can’t embed the video this week, so you’ll have to go through to the site to watch it. It’s definitely worth it.

This site has gone a bit Disney mad, recently. The project to watch all 52 Disney films has taken over, which is all well and good for the legions of Disney fans out there. But what about those of you who find the studio’s output to be too sickly sweet, or too removed from reality to really entertain you? If talking puppets and singing animals aren’t really your cup of tea, then you may well love John Weldon’s 1977 short Spinnolio, a brilliantly wry take on the classic Pinocchio story. The premise is simple: what if everyone believed that the puppet had become a real person, even if it hadn’t? How successful would an entirely inanimate object become in the real world?

The opening Gothic lettering and airy voice over suggests this is going to be a traditional fairy tale. The first sign that something isn’t quite right, though, is the ugly, Peanuts style character animation, and the film becomes firmly rooted in parody when a cricket jumps on the window sill before getting promptly eaten by the cat. What follows is the life of this inanimate puppet as he moves through school, employment and jail. It’s a witty little tale, taking a scathing look at the common tropes of fairy tales, and giving a much bleaker, real life alternative of what would actually happen. The crude animation just adds to the anti-Disney sentiment and makes this silly, hilarious short all the more memorable.